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Rafineria w Jaśle Sp. z o.o.

Rafineria w Jaśle Sp.z.o.o is a dynamically developing company of the petrochemical industry in Poland.

Manufacturing facility  Rafineria w Jaśle sp.z.o.o is located in the historical heart of the world’s oil industry. It is in Niegłowice (currently a district of Jasło) where in 1888 one of the world’s first refineries was established, founded by Ignacy Łukasiewicz – an inventor and philanthropist, who without a doubt revolutionized today’s technology. We consider ourselves the heirs and followers of Łukasiewicz ideas and traditions of one of the first refineries in Poland. By investing in the latest technologies and people who make up the Refinery, we introduce new lines of highly specialized products in the automotive industry.


Rafineria w Jaśle sp.z.o.o, in response to the market needs we have designed the Revline brand, which encompasses a product group dedicated for motor vehicles including tractors and buses – HERCULES, cars – with a highest quality product – Ultra Force and Revline gear oils – including ATF. All Revline oils line are manufactured in M-Active technology in the Refinery in Jasło, using the highest quality components and base oils with parameters which are carefully controlled, just as the final product itself, in our research center and independent laboratories.

Our second brand “JASOL”  includes:

  • wide range of automotive oils (motor oil PC and HD, gear oils, oils for two-stroke engines)
  • oils for agriculture, forestry and horticulture
  • construction equipment and hard equipment oils
  • industrial oils (hydraulic, turbine, machine, compressor, gear, quenching)
  • oils for moulds
  • metalworking fluids
  • antifreeze coolants, brake fluids, Windscreen wash fluids

We help customers introduce new procedures and technologies, providing safe operation of the machinery fleet.

By working with Rafineria w Jaśle you participate in the development of Polish industry.

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